Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Marzari’s Message was universal: Danish

Marzari’s Message  was universal: Danish

KABUL - Some Jihadi and government officials on Friday stressed the need for national unity and getting full advantage of Shaheed Abdul Ali Mazari’s thought for further strengthening the national unity.
The leaders expressed their views during a gathering here marking the 22nd death anniversary of Wahdat-i-Islami leader Abdul Ali Mazari. He was captured and killed by the Taliban in Kabul city in March 1994.
Second Vice President Sarwar Danish while addressing the gathering said Mazari’s message was universal; he believed on humanity and rejected ethnic and linguistic struggles.
Paying tribute to Mazari was the duty of every citizen, he said, adding such gathering should not be used for political purposes.
The vice president lamented some people used Mazari name for their political purposes and widened the gap with what actually Mazari believed on.
About the social justice in regards to the implementation of development projects he said the unity government was implementing the development projects in every corner of the country and some uplift projects were being executed in areas of Hazarajat.
Former president and Jihadi leader Hazrat Sibghatullah Mujadidi said Mazari did not believed on ethnicity and never wanted differences among Muslims triggered under Sunni, Shia, Hazar or Pashto names.
He asked the people to follow the guidance of Mazari to further strengthen national unity.
Ustad Karim Khalili, deputy head of the High Peace Council (HPC), said: “One of our generations raised in the environment of conflict, asking the audience that shall we wait that another generation of our will be raised in conflict situation.”
Hailing the international forces cooperation in fight against terrorism, he said insecurity was growing in the country every day.
Khalili stressed an Afghan-led and owned mechanism was the best way to reach lasting peace in the country and it should be followed. (Pajhwok)