Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Parliament to Hold Extraordinary Meeting on Sunday

Parliament to  Hold Extraordinary  Meeting on Sunday

KABUL - Parliament will hold an extraordinary session on Sunday in reaction to the recent deadly attack on Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital in Kabul and to address the increasing lack of security in the city and country, Members of Parliament (MPs) said on Saturday.
MPs said they will decide in the session how security officials should respond to the increase of insecurity and the recent attack on the hospital.
“The issue of the attack on the hospital will be first on Sunday’s agenda,” said Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi, speaker of Wolesi Jirga.
MPs said the attack on the hospital has raised many questions. They blasted security high officials for being negligent in doing their jobs.
“Tell the incompetent security officials that security situation cannot be worse than it is in Kabul now. How did the terrorists enter the hospital? If someone had not helped them from inside, they would not have been able to enter,” said Nazifa Zaki, MP.
A number of MPs believe that parliament should put pressure on security departments to do their jobs properly.
“Terrorists carried out a cruel attack on the hospital. Security officials, will you be unresponsive until they take Arg (presidential palace)?” MP Abdul Rahim Ayubi said.
“Security departments meet with representative of Taliban and Daesh, while daily hundreds and thousands of people get killed here,” MP Amanullah Paiman said.
Parliament members blasted security officials for their failure in doing their jobs while election of parliament administrative board is still not finished and parliament secretariat has not been fully elected yet. (Tolonews)