Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Tashwiq Employment Program is Illegal: Mudabir

Tashwiq Employment  Program is Illegal: Mudabir

KABUL - The former head of the Administrative Office of the Presidential Palace, Sadiq Mudabir, has said that the Tashwiq Employment Program, run by the office, is illegal and is in contradiction of the administrative reforms commission regulations as well as the CBR program.
He said the program takes away the authorities of ministers and heads of independent organizations.
The program was launched by the Administrative Office of the President five months ago and aims at developing the capacity of government institutions through the recruitment of professional youth.
“The program does not allow anyone except the president to interview and appoint officials in senior posts,” Mudabir said.
Commenting on the issue, MP Ramazan Bashardost said: “No law allows the Administrative Office of the President to run such a program. The administrative office of the president is not deaf or blind; it can see that there are offices by the name of human resources which deal with the appointment of officials for relevant government organizations.”
“When a specific office is given to an institution, doubt emerges as to whether there is a political goal or (whether they are) seeking privileges in this bid,” university lecturer Sayed Massoud said.
Meanwhile, deputy head of the President’s Administrative Office, Daud Nawrozi, accepted that the Tashwiq office is a parallel institution but said that he works for President Ashraf Ghani and if any office refuses their suggestions, they will ask the president to put pressure on them.
“We have other offices as well but there is only one special office which is the Tashwiq office which conducts a special program for the president, and the administrative office has the authority to do this,” Nawrozi said.
“We send top CVs to government institutions and then we follow it up within three months to see whether it is done or not. And then we take the information to President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah,” he added.
According to him, they have appointed 200 people through Tashwiq to date and they are working on a further 200 applications.
Nawrozi named the head of an institution in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who was appointed through the program. (Tolonews)