Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Senate Wants Verdict Against PC Head Enforced

Senate Wants Verdict  Against PC Head Enforced

KABUL - The deputy chairman of Meshrano Jirga on Tuesday asked the government to apply the law to the Herat Provincial Council (PC) head and not to allow any group to create fear among the people in the form of civil society movements.
The tribunal sentenced Kamran Alizai to two years in jail a couple of weeks back. Earlier, Alizai along with 20 armed bodyguards had forced his way into theattorney office to free an accused who was being questioned in connection with criminal activity.
After the court decision, dozens of people in Herat City took to the streets and demanded the release of Alizai. The protesters insisted Alizai was innocent of the charges brought against him.
Deputy Chairman Mohammad Alam Ezidyar, referring to recent protests in support of Alizai, said the people of Afghanistan were worried about whatever had happened in Herat.
“Contacts have been established with the Senate. I hope the government would stay adhere to the implementation of law and every one of us should implement it,” he argued.
Referring to the armed guards, he said everyone in the country had weapons-wielding individuals. If they resorted to violating rules, the future of the country would be destroyed, he warned.
Abdul Baqi Baryal, another lawmaker, stressed the implementation of the rule of law and said the government should prevent unauthorsed armed groups from taking the law into their hands. (Pajhwok)