Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Taliban Capture Strategic Area of Balcharagh District

Taliban Capture Strategic  Area of Balcharagh District

MAIMANA - Local officials in northwestern Faryab province acknowledged on Wednesday the Taliban had captured a strategic area in Balcharagh district, forcing the security personnel to beat a retreat.
Police spokesman Abdul Karim Yourish told Pajhwok Afghan News the security forces retreated after launching a clearing operation in Aqbalaq locality, where Daesh commander Qari Hikmatullah and his loyalists attacked them.
The security forces had moved back to avoid casualties, the police spokesman said, claiming the militants suffered heavy losses in the overnight clash. “Gunship helicopters hit militan positions in the area at around 11:00am and ground forces are advancing to establish fresh posts.”
Yourish claimed one Daesh commander was injured while two of his associated were killed during the firefight. A local security official was also killed and a second injured.
Nokor, a local uprising commander, accused some police personnel of having links with the Taliban. “For a week now, fighting has been ongoing on the outskirts of Aqbalaq. 10 police tanks arrived in the area and returned after 24 hours. The policemen sold seven boxes of bullets to militants before returning.”
The police spokesman, however, rejected the claim as baseless and blasted local security personnel for leveling such allegation due to personal differences.
Provincial Council (PC) member Sebghatullah Selab, meanwhile, said the Taliban had captured Aqbalaq and other important areas of the district. The militants could seize more areas such as Darz Aab, parts of Dasht-i-Laili and Pashtunkot if the government did not take immediate action, he added.

Abdul Sattar Darz Aabi, a lawmaker from Jawzjan province, expressed concern over the law and order situation in the three provinces in the northern region. He warned the situation could deteriorate in the summer if the government did not take strong action against the Taliban. (Pajhwok)