Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Transport Master Plan Updated through to 2036

Transport Master Plan  Updated through to 2036

KABUL - The Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) has extended the Afghanistan Transport Master Plan through to 2036 which includes the maintenance and protection of roads, establishment and development of infrastructure aimed at changing Afghanistan into the trade hub and a corridor for trade and transit in the region, the public works minister Mahmoud Baligh said at a press conference on Tuesday.
He said financial expenditure for the mega project will total an estimated $26 billion USD.
The initiative was launched as a joint venture between the public works ministry and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 2006.
“The fundamental issue upon which we are stressing on the framework of the new transport master plan is maintenance and protection. Over the past 15 years, some of the roads were completed, so we need to consider the protection and maintenance of the roads,” said Baligh.
The ADB officials meanwhile said they have provided at least $4.7 billion USD including $2 billion USD as loans to Afghanistan for the establishment of roads, railways and airports.
“Targets and focuses on operations and maintenance, we have built many many roads and so have the other donors, but we need to make sure that there are sustainable mechanisms in place so that they don’t deteriorate and limit the mobility of Afghans,” ADB Country Director for Afghanistan Thomas Panella said.
At the session, the minister of public works signed a contract for the Mehterlam ring road with a private company.
“With the establishment of the road, the problems of Laghman residents will come to an end,” said Laghman governor Abdul Jabbar Naeemi. (Tolonews)