Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Afghanistan’s Population Estimated at 29.2 Million: CSO

Afghanistan’s Population  Estimated at 29.2 Million: CSO

KABUL - The Central Statistics Organization (CSO) on Tuesday estimated the country’s population at 29.2 million people including 14.2 million women.
The estimate shows 6.9 million people are living in urban centres and 20.8 million in rural areas.
Acting CSO head, Sher Mohammad Jami, on Tuesday presented 1395 solar year’s statistical yearbook at a press conference in Kabul.
He said besides depicting a complete image of the country’s economic and social situation, the yearbook also provided easy access to rich statistical information for making policies and programs.
He said the yearbook carried statistics about population, agriculture, education, health, stock, industry, construction, rehabilitation, energy, services, foreign business, currency and foreign aid.
About education level of government employees, the statistics show 286 employees have doctorate degrees, more than 4,800 have master’s degrees, 350 BS honor, more than 55,000 bachelor’s, 230,000 secondary and 12,200 others have unknown education documents.
More than 9.4 million students are attending schools, technical and professional institutes, teacher training and Islamic education centres inside and outside the country.
The data shows more than 9 million students have been enrolled in state-run educational centers and 340,000 in private centers.
The statistics show a 2.4 percent decrease in students attending low level educational centers compares to last year.
According to the CSO yearbook, the number of healthcare centers reached 2,173 in 1395 over previous year’s 2,216, recording a 1.9 percent increase in healthcare centers.
The report says the volume of Afghanistan imports stood at $7,700 million and exports at $570 million in 1394 solar year. But the imports in 1395 solar year decreased by $1,180 million and exports by 25 million afghanis.
The CSO report puts at more than 65,800 Afghan refugee families or 372,000 individuals who returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan, Iran and other countries in 1395.  (Pajhwok)