Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, June 21st, 2018

No Deadline for New Strategy: White House

No Deadline for New  Strategy: White House

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump’s winning strategy in Afghanistan means reducing the threats posed by Taliban and the Islamic State, the White House said.
However, the White House press secretary made clear that there was no deadline for the strategy, nor did it give any indication on the number of troops the president wanted to send to Afghanistan.
“Just because you spend more, throw more people, doesn't mean you're doing it in the most effective way,” Sean Spicer told reporters at his daily news conference.
He said the president had asked his national security team to rethink the strategy. What are we doing to achieve the goals that you are asking about? How do we actually win? How do we eliminate the threat?”
The team was looking at the mission and the strategy holistically, not just in Afghanistan, but beyond that country, the official added..
Spicer said Trump’s winning strategy in Afghanistan meant reducing the threat from the ISIS and the Taliban.
“I mean, minimizing, eliminating, but, obviously, in a best-case scenario, we want...to eliminate the threats that are against our national security, citizens, and allies.
“So, we need to fully eliminate any threat around the globe frankly, not just in Afghanistan, that poses a threat to our people and our allies,” Spicer said.
Meanwhile, the Afghan ambassador said the number of troops should be determined by a winning strategy. We would welcome any decision by the United States to support Afghan forces in the ongoing battle against terrorism, which threatens us all.”
Hamdullah Mohib said Afghanistan had not invited the terrorist groups. “Our country is but the stage on which nearly two dozen of them have gathered to destroy a peaceful world order. They cannot be allowed to win." (Pajhwok)