Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 18th, 2018

Political Parties Boycott President’s Advisory Meetings

Political Parties Boycott  President’s Advisory Meetings

KABUL - Members of some political parties on Saturday said they are boycotting President Ashraf Ghani’s advisory meetings as most are “meaningless and their advice is not put into practice”. 
The spokesman for the Council for the Protection and Stability of Afghanistan said most of the meetings were symbolic only and lacked depth.
“The leadership members of the Council for the Protection and Stability of Afghanistan avoid the meetings which lack content, were symbolic and were about publicity,” said Massoud Trishtwal, a spokesman for the council.
The head of the New National Front of Afghanistan, Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi said the president is not honest and does not listen to advice given to him by political parties. He also said these meetings are merely symbolic. 
“We are extremely unhappy with this government. I think it should be a conscience duty of government to resign and let a new government replace it,” Ahadi said.
A number of other political figures also accused Ghani of being a dictator and exclusivist.
“President [Ashraf Ghani] has turned himself into a dictator. He has grabbed all the power in his hands. He has tightened his relations with the West and he does not have any plans for national interests, for ending the war and for maintaining security in the country,” said Fatana Ishq Gailani, chairperson of Afghanistan’s Women’s Council.
“He [President Ghani] has not only distressed jihadi figures, but he has upset the Afghan people,” Gailani said.
In response to these remarks, Ghani’s deputy spokesman Dawa Khan Minapal said political parties that are unhappy with government should clearly state their reasons.
“They [political parties] should explain the reasons behind their unhappiness. As a spokesman for the president I can say for sure that decisions have been made based on advice by political parties in all aspects, (advice) they have given and discussed and consulted [with the president],” Minapal said. (Tolonews)