Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Gen. Dunfor Chair Rallying for more Troops

Gen. Dunfor Chair Rallying  for more Troops

KABUL - General Joseph Dunford, chairman the Joint Chiefs of Staffs of the U.S army, this week rallied for more troops to Afghanistan, warning that terrorist groups in Afghanistan “have the desire” to attack the West.
On the issue of a possible increase in U.S troops in Afghanistan, the top U.S general said that such a move would help prevent terrorists from executing their plans.
Dunford made the remarks during a speech at Saint Michael's College in Colchester in Vermont in the U.S this past weekend. 
"That's where the attackers planned and executed the attack on 9/11, and there's about 18 or 19 extremist groups in that region who have indicated they have the desire - if not currently the capability - to attack the west, and so our job is to keep pressure on them and preclude that from happening," he said.
On the issue of casualties among the Afghan security forces, Dunford said that the number of casualties among Afghan forces were much higher than anticipated over the past year.
He also said he would be meeting with President Donald Trump in the next few weeks to discuss future plans, and that he will present a range of options to the president for a response, including the number of additional troops that may be needed.
This comes just days after the U.S president’s National Security Advisor H.R McMaster said at a press conference at the White House that Trump has not yet made a decision regarding the deployment of additional troops to Afghanistan.
McMaster said that Trump will have the opportunity to hear from allies during his upcoming foreign trip, which will include stops at the NATO summit on May 25 and the gathering of G7 nations.
On the issue of additional troops, McMaster said: “The president has not made a decision yet on a course of action. What we have done which is what we have done in many cases on the North Korea problems for example, is we have consulted broadly across our government and with allies.

“The president wants to hear from our allies as well. This is a president who listens to its allies and partners who have an opportunity to do this at the NATO summit, who have an opportunity to do so at the G7 and so what we'll have at the end of this next few weeks here is an opportunity for a much more effective strategy for the problems set in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the region more broadly." (Tolonews)