Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Corruption Weakening Security Sector: AG

Corruption Weakening  Security Sector: AG

KABUL -  Attorney General (AG) Farid Hamidi said on Tuesday in Kabul that poor performance on the battlefields by Afghan security forces was because of the rampant corruption within these structures.
He said however that the Attorney General’s Office on the whole was committed to fighting the scourge.
According to Hamidi, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has investigated more than 900 cases of corruption in the past year and of these the court has ruled in over 400 instances.
He added however, that the issue in security and defense departments was a big challenge.
“Corruption within security and defense institutions is a reason for the success of the enemy. To help the security forces, it is vital to fight against corruption and corrupt people within the security departments,” said Hamidi.
Hamidi’s remarks come a day after the defense ministry said the United States will only continue supporting Afghan forces if government fights corruption.
According to Hamidi, the existence of judges and prosecutors in all districts in the country was a prerequisite for fighting corruption and implementing rule of law.
“No one and no official has impunity in Afghanistan. I pledge to the Afghan people that there is no impunity for anyone,” Hamidi added.
Meanwhile, a number of civil society activists accused the Attorney General’s Office of not investigating major corruption cases and said the AGO has failed to probe cases that involve millions of dollars.
“Despite supporting the Attorney General, we want him to investigate major corruption so as to implement the law and put his words into practice,” civil society activist, Laila Jafari said.
Corruption cases involving the ministry of urban development, the Kabul Bank case, the Ghafar Dawi case and fuel contract embezzlement cases within the defense ministry are seen as major cases that have not been probed nor have the suspects been prosecuted. (Tolonews)