Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

4th Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue Kicks off in Bamiyan

4th Afghanistan-Central Asia  Dialogue Kicks off in Bamiyan

KABUL - Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said at the event that “all regional countries must take part in the fight against terrorist”.
The fourth conference of Afghanistan-Central Asia dialogue was kicked off in Bamiyan province on Friday where high ranking foreign and Afghan officials including Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah attended.
The two-day session will discuss the mechanisms to improve Afghanistan’s trade and political ties with the Central Asian countries.
The conference will also discuss ways to improve regional countries’ cooperation in the fight against terrorism.
The conference has been organized by Afghanistan Strategic Studies Institute.
Abdullah said at the event that Afghanistan had various relations with the Central Asian countries and that Kabul continues its efforts to improve the ties.
He said the dialogue will discuss cooperation among regional countries in the fight against terrorism.
He stressed the need for regional countries’ contribution in anti-terror campaign.
"Afghans are on the front line in fighting terrorism and have endured massive suffering. Central Asian countries must work together to stop terrorism,” he stated. “Cooperation is better in cultural and trade arenas. (But) in fight against terrorism, a big part of the efforts is done Afghanistan.”
The chief executive called on representatives of other countries to convey the message of “balancing the cooperation in the war”.
Referring to a number of regional countries, he said terrorism is still supported by some states in the region. “There is no difference between Daesh and Taliban as well as between good terrorists and bad terrorists,” Abdullah said.

The session will continue for two days where senior officials from Afghanistan and Central Asian countries will discuss a wide range of issues particularly boosting cooperation among countries in the region.  (Tolonews)