Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

Japan to Provide $15m for Paving Bamyan Roads

Japan to Provide $15m for Paving Bamyan Roads

KABUL - Afghanistan and Japan signed on Wednesday an agreement on improving a road in central Bamyan province, the two sides said. The agreement was signed between Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Jawed Ludin and Japan's Ambassador to Afghanistan Reiichiro Takahashi. Minister of Public Works Abdul QudusHamidi was also present at the signing ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a joint statement said.

Japan will provide 1.2 billion yen, equivalent to approximately $15 million, for paving the 12-km Foladi road in the Foladi Valley and a few kilometers of road in Bamyan City.

"In June this year, I visited Bamyan and had the chance to go up the Foladi road. It was a very rough road and I could see that the people were having great difficulties traveling," the ambassador said.

"By talking to the governor and the people of the valley, I was convinced that the construction of the road will contribute to the improvement of people's lives," Takahashi added.