Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

Health Centers’ Problems with Taliban Resolved: MP

Health Centers’ Problems with Taliban Resolved: MP

QALAT - Problem between health centers and Taliban have been resolved in southern province Zabul province, a public representative said on Sunday. Health centers have been closed in Shahr-i-Safa, Mezan, Dai Chopan, Shah Joi, and Shamalzai districts due to disagreements between the insurgents and security officials.

Head of the ""'Wolesi Jirga's Complaints Commission Dr Zalmay Zabuli told reporters they had been able to resolve the issue.

The rebels had asked the government to provide an ambulance and a female nurse for the Ibn-i-Sina Organization for areas under their control if the health clinics were to operate.

Another condition set by the Taliban was establishment of a health centers away from Afghan and foreign security personnel's bases.

He discussed the issues with the fighters after officials of the organization and tribal elders from the five districts asked him to do so, the parliamentarian said.

"We have agreed to send as much medicine to Taliban-controlled areas as we provide to district clinics. The medicine would be distributed to people through Taliban. We will also provide them the services of a doctor in case of need," he added.

"We believe all Taliban would support the person we have talked to, because he is their health supervisor. There is discipline among the fighters who don't exceed the scope of authority," Zabuli said.

Although they had not approved the talks, they would back efforts at reopening the district clinics, Public Health Director Dr. Sulaiman Safi said.

Only three health centers in Shah Joi and Dai Chopan districts, as well as Noorak area of Qala, faced problems which were discussed at the meeting, he explained.

A resident of Dai Chopan, Daulat Khan, said people of remote areas were faced with health problems. He asked the government and fighters to protect clinics, schools and other public places.

Deputy Governor Mohammad Jan Rasulyar said Zabuli could contact any group for solving people's problems. He had no information about the talks.