Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, November 19th, 2018

MPs Engage in War of Words Amid Corruption Controversy

MPs Engage in War of Words  Amid Corruption Controversy

KABUL - The heads of parliament commissions on Monday announced they had decided to refer the case of the Wolesi Jirga’s first secretary Khodai Nazar Nusrat to the Attorney General’s Office for further investigation following allegations of his involvement in corruption.
The committee upheld a recent decision by parliament’s fact-finding team into the matter – which recommended the case be referred to the AGO.
However, on Saturday, MPs voted against this move. 
Meanwhile, the administrative board of parliament has said that in future no lawmaker is allowed to make false allegations against their colleagues unless they have solid and credible evidence.
The controversy comes a few weeks after parliament speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and Nusrat were accused of corruption and embezzlement.
In Monday’s  parliament session, some lawmakers called on Ibrahimi to step down.
“Mr. Ibrahimi, I humbly request you to step down, it is enough now,” said MP Akbar Stanekzai.
Stanekzai's remarks were met by an outcry from some MPs.
“Please do not push this house in another direction, otherwise we will not have another option except to use our disciplinary responsibilities according to our internal procedures,” said MP Abdul Qader Zazai.
The fact-finding team assigned to probe the corruption allegations against Ibrahimi and  Nusrat shared its findings in parliament’s session last Saturday. 
Based on the team's findings and decision, Ibrahimi has to repay five million AFs and Nusrat's case will be handed over to the Attorney General's Office (AGO) for further investigation.
“Regarding corruption in the Wolesi Jirga, this issue has been finalized before and was dispatched to the attorney (general), there is no need for further discussion in this respect,” said Ibrahimi.

Based on the task-team's decision, Nusrat has also been suspended pending the outcome of the AGO investigation. (Tolonews)