Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, October 15th, 2018

NATO Concerned at Possible Delay in Afghan Elections

NATO Concerned  at Possible Delay in  Afghan Elections

KABUL - A senior NATO diplomat on Monday voiced concern at possible delays in Afghanistan’s parliamentary and district council elections, slated for July 2018.
“I think we haven’t exhausted all possible means to get to credible and transparent election. Elections are the bedrock of democracy,” NATO’s senior civilian representative said in an interview.
On the sidelines of defense ministers’ in Brussels, Cornelius Zimmermann told a UK-based TV channel the elections were of key importance to the alliance.
“NATO is not only a defense alliance, but it is also a community of values and for us election is the foundation of democracy. It is of key importance...” he told ITV.
The global fraternity was willing to extend all possible support for the electoral process, asking the Afghan government, civil society and political parties to work together to improve the electoral process.

The parliament’s five-year term expired in 2015, but the polls were postponed due to security concerns and disagreements on how to reform the electoral system following the 2914 presidential ballot. (Pajhwok)