Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Afghanistan to Get $233m a Year Over 5 Years from ADB

Afghanistan to Get  $233m a Year Over 5 Years from ADB

KABUL - Asian Development Bank (ADB) officials said the organization will contribute $223 million USD to Afghanistan over the next five years in order to improve the living conditions of Afghans.
According to ADB officials, the aid will go towards improving agriculture, energy, infrastructure and natural resources in Afghanistan, and its plans aim to provide better living conditions for the people and raise the capacity of the government.
The ADB said that in keeping with the bank's new policy, it will give Afghanistan $233 million each year over the next five years, and the bank's goal is to provide better life opportunities for the people.
According to the officials, the bank also supports the private sector in Afghanistan in order to help boost economic growth.
One senior official said: “We continue to work on infrastructure, energy, agriculture and natural resources and also on transport sector and the thing we want help the government and the people of Afghanistan to achieve is to provide men and women in Afghanistan with better opportunities.”
Meanwhile, a number of economic analysts say the government needs to put in place effective economic solutions to attract more funds and implement large-scale development projects.
“One of our issue is management - financial, human, physical and information resources. Managerial tasks must include planning, staffing and organizing to lead and control so we can reach our goals,” said Sayed Masoud, a lecturer at faculty of economics Kabul university.
The Asian Development Bank is one of the major contributors to Afghanistan, and it is expected that the bank will launch major development programs next year.   (Tolonews)