Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Need for Closer Coordination Urged to Eradicate Terrorism

Need for Closer  Coordination Urged to Eradicate Terrorism

KABUL - Saudi Arabia Crown Prince and Defence Minister Mohammad Bin Salman has urged collective and coordinated efforts to eradicate terrorism and extremism.
Addressing Defence Minister of the Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) countries which Afghanistan is also a member, the Saudi crown prince underlined the threats emanating from terrorist organization.
“Today, terrorism and extremism have achieved not only the greatest danger of killing of innocent people or disseminating hatred, but also the greatest danger of extremist terrorism is in distorting the reputation of our tolerant religion, so we will not allow of what they have done of distorting this tolerant religion and intimidating innocents in Islamic countries and all countries of the world to continue any more than today,” he said.
He said terrorism was being defeated in many countries of the world, especially in Islamic countries and pledged to fight terrorism until it disappears completely from the surface of the earth.
Afghanistan is a victim of terrorism and a frontline country in fight against extremist organizations.
Thousands of Afghans being killed or injured monthly at the hands of terrorists organizations. The Afghan government is, however, committed to eradicate terrorism and often sought the support of international community and regional country.
What is the IMCTC
The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) is a willing coalition of 41 countries that forms a Pan-Islamic unified front in the global fight against terrorism and violent extremism.
Strategic Vision
Allow member countries of this strategic Coalition, with the support of peace-loving friendly nations and international organizations, to coordinate and unite their efforts in the ideology, communications, counter terrorist financing, and military domains, in order to fight all forms of terrorism and extremism and to effectively join other international security and peacekeeping efforts
IMCTC Objectives:
• Strengthen the contribution of Islamic countries towards global security and peace, complementing international Counter-Terrorism efforts
• Reinforce solidarity and collaboration among coalition member countries to present a unified front against terrorist organizations and their attempts to destabilize security and distort the image of Islam and Muslims
• Counter radical ideology in Coalition member countries through strategic communication campaigns to refute the radical and extremist narrative and propaganda
• Reaffirm the moderate values of Islam and its principles of peace, tolerance and compassion
• Combat terrorism financing in collaboration with member countries and international CTF authorities, to promote compliance with international agreements and advance legal, regulatory, and operational frameworks

• Establish strategic partnerships between member countries, supporting nations and international organizations to share counter terrorism information and expertise. (Pajhwok)