Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Serious Problems Still Haunting Prisons, Admits Abdullah

Serious Problems  Still Haunting Prisons, Admits Abdullah

KABUL - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah says serious problems still exist in prisons, stressing the need for practical steps to improve the situation.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah expressed the views during a meeting of the High Council for Prisons at the Sapidar Palace on Sunday.
The participants discussed a four-year plan for prison reforms, a report on the overall jail
Lt. Gen. Abdul Hakim Kohistani, director- general of prisons and detention centres, presented a report on the jail situation, problems, programs and requirements.
He said there were no problems in terms of prison compounds in 14 provinces. But 10 provinces did not have proper facilities for inmates, the official added.
“Uncertain fate of inmate cases, lack of professional personnel, food problems and paucity of funds are among the serious problems facing prisons nationwide.”
Issues like lack of health services, transfer of inmates, lack of ambulances, electricity, water and transparency in implementing presidential decrees were shared with the CEO.
Kohistani also presented a four-year plan for correcting the situation inside jails. Suggestions regarding inmate safety, health, welfare education programmes and processing their cases are included in the draft.
He said every prisoner was provided 85 afghanis on a daily basis, which was not enough. Kohistani pointed out that women jailed along with children were in need of more services and facilities.
While lauding positive changes in prisoner ration, Abdullah agreed the 85 afs amount was irrational and should be increased. The General Directorate of Prisons, Ministry of Public Health and the Cabinet Secretariat are responsible for working on this issue.
He ordered the General Directorate of Prisons to provide an exact list of the prisoners who are suffering from incurable diseases. A decision would be taken on their fate, the CEO said.
Abdullah also directed that a joint commission comprised of ministries of finance, interior, health, education, economy, martyrs and disabled, AGO, a representative of the international community be created.
Spearheaded by first deputy CEO, the commission will prioritise all aspects of the draft in terms of budget and timescales for discussion at cabinet meetings. (Pajhwok)