Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 18th, 2018

US Working with India, Pakistan to Stabilise Afghanistan

US Working with  India, Pakistan  to Stabilise Afghanistan

KABUL - As part of its strategy for South Asia, the Trump administration is working with India and Pakistan on bringing stability and reconciliation to Afghanistan.
State Department Inspector General Steve A. Linick says: “Our approach to South Asia, and specifically Afghanistan, means new approaches with India and Pakistan to deny safe havens to terrorist organisations.”
In its annual report on its financial priorities for the new fiscal year, the State Department highlights the changed approach as a key ingredient of new US strategy for South Asia.
According to Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, the key objective behind the new policy is to create the right conditions for reconciliation with the Taliban and a process that supports the Afghan government in providing security.
Difficulties in monitoring and overseeing the antiterrorism assistance programme in Pakistan have been cited in the report, which says the State Department has no staff in Islamabad responsible for verifying satisfactory contractor performance or monitoring.
Difficulty in obtaining visas from Pakistan is a contributing factor in the State Department’s flawed oversight and monitoring of the antiterrorism assistance programme, adds the report. (Pajhwok)