Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, December 14th, 2018

Afghan Air Force to Increase Air Raids on Insurgents

Afghan Air Force to Increase  Air Raids on Insurgents

KABUL - The commander of Afghan Air Force (AAF) general Mohammad Shoaib on Sunday said that the AAF is planning to significantly increase its air raids on the insurgents during the winter season.
It will put the number of air attacks on the insurgent hideouts at 1 900 operations in different parts of the country for the past nine months.
Shoaib said that safety and security of the civilians remains a priority.
Officials of the ministry of interior have said that currently, winter operations are going on in 12 provinces where the security threats are the highest.
“Currently we are continuing our operations in Helmand, Uruzgan and Faryab provinces. We are ready to launch operations anywhere in cooperation with the ground forces,” said Shoaib.
During the winter season, the scale of war and violence in the country to some extent falls. This provides some time to Afghan security forces to relax or reshape their forces. However, removing the threats of insurgents from insecure regions remain on the priority.
Shoaib said the AAF forces have inflicted major harm on the insurgents with the help of MD-530 Helicopters over the past two years.
“These helicopters are carrying rockets and can hit its target easily. We are using these choppers for the past two years,” added Shoaib.
“We are launching operations to clear those areas which remain fragile during the past season,” said MoI spokesman Najib Danish.
“The government should use winter as an opportunity,” said senator Gulalai Akbari. (Tolonews)