Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, December 14th, 2018

Over 6,000 Insurgents Killed in 10 Months: Afghan Army

Over 6,000 Insurgents Killed  in 10 Months: Afghan Army

KABUL - Army official says in this time over 2,000 missions were carried out by the Afghan Special Forces.
General Bismillah Waziri, the commander of Special Operation Military Corps, on Monday said that over 6,000 insurgents were killed in clashes against the Afghan security forces over the past ten months.
He said the number of operations carried out by his forces during this period was over 2,000.
In August 2017, President Ashraf Ghani officially upgraded the Special Forces Unit and Special Operations Division to a military corps, a move that brought more responsibilities for these forces in their campaign against insurgents in various fronts across Afghanistan.
Over the past ten months, the special operation corps forces carried out about two thousand operations including 147 special operations against militants, said Waziri.
“We eliminated over 6,100 enemy fighters including Daesh militants during the war, 3,285 of them sustained injuries, 443 others were arrested who have been tackled based on the law,” said Waziri.
Afghan government is currently considering more troops to be included in the structure of the special forces.
Meanwhile, a number of officers serving in the ranks of the special forces have reaffirmed their commitment to safeguard the nation against threats.
“We have pursued highly professional training programs,” said one officer Mohammad Hussain.
“We the Afghan special operation forces will do it, we are at the service of the people,” said another officer Ehsanullah.
According to Waziri, during this period, the special forces managed to seize hundreds of light and heavy weapons including landmines from insurgents and destroyed 15 strategic centers belonging to the Taliban and Daesh.
The forces also took control of three Taliban prisons. (Tolonews)