Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Danish Blames e-NICs Delay on Ethnic Extremists

Danish Blames e-NICs  Delay on Ethnic Extremists

KABUL - Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danish on Tuesday blamed the delay in starting distribution of the electronic national identity cards (e-NICs) on ‘ethnic extremists.’
Vice-President, who addressed a gathering marking the 14th anniversary of the Constitution, said the existing supreme law had some ‘shortcomings’ and needed amendments.
He, however, said there was no other option to amend the Constitution except the one explained by the Constitution itself.
“Choosing any other option (interim government or a Loya Jirga) is against the Constitution and would be the worse step against the supreme law, compared to violations of some of its articles.”
He said ethnic differences were being fueled in the country, which he called the most dangerous issue and a clear violation of the Constitution.
He said the Constitution had acknowledged ethnic plurality in the country and granted equal respect to all tribes. In line with the Constitution, no ethnic community was superior to another and no ethnic group had the right to impose its viewpoint on others.
“With all the respect that we have for political and national leaders, it is kindly and seriously requested to act carefully and be futuristic while dealing with ethnic issues,” he said.
Danish alleged some ‘ethnic extremists’ were causing the delay in starting distribution of e-NICs and added that national identity, religion, tribe, language, name of the country, national flag, national anthem and others had been defined by the Constitution.
The distribution of e-NICs was expected to be launched last week but had to be delayed due to differences among some lawmakers over the issue. (Pajhwok)