Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

ARG Sent Findings on Hotel Attack after Probe

ARG Sent Findings on  Hotel Attack after Probe

KABUL - AGO said the fact-finding team has sent its findings on Intercontinental Hotel attack to Presidential Palace.
The interior ministry said on Saturday the probe into the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel has been completed and that the report has been sent to the president.
“We have completed this file and have submitted it to the Attorney General’s Office. While we were probing the case, an arrest order was sent out by the AGO for five people (suspected of being involved in the attack),” the interior ministry’s spokesman Najib Danish said.
The deadly attack on the hotel took place at the end of January and lasted 17 hours. Over 40 people died in the incident.
Shortly after the incident, the interior ministry said it would reveal the findings of the investigation within a week. However it has been four weeks since the incident and nothing has yet been shared with the public.
According to the interior ministry, the fact finding team was made up of members from different government institutions and that the report was sent to the AGO. The AGO in turn issued arrest warrants for five people but said the report went straight to the Presidential Palace.
Sources meanwhile said so far 10 people have been arrested in relation to the hotel attack and five others have been banned from leaving the country.
The Attorney General’s Office refused to give details about the findings saying only that the fact-finding team sent its report to the Presidential Palace, not to the Attorney General’s Office.
The Presidential Palace has refused to comment in this regard.
“Afghan government has on obligation to share information. When the government does not share credible information with the media, it means that the enemies of the Afghan people will share the opposite of such information and they benefit from this gap,’ Ainuddin Bahaduri, a member of the Access to Information Oversight Commission said.
Following the attack, the interior ministry said that it was possible some people from inside the hotel had helped the insurgents.

“The past experiences have proved that as much as we can be flexible against the enemy, they become bolder in killing the people,” said Massoud Treshtwal, head of Afghanistan’s Legal and Political Studies Institute.  (Tolo news)