Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Armed Forces Day Observed Nation-Wide

Armed Forces Day  Observed Nation-Wide

KABUL -The National Security Forces Day was observed nation-wide through colorful events in which the role of armed forces was admired on Wednesday.
In eastern Nangarhar, a special ceremony was organised at Sherzai Sadium in which security officials, officers, civil officials and tribal elders participated.
A contingent of armed forces have performed parade, fighter jets performed different maneuvers, medals were conferred on brave officers and at the end, the local people and security personnel performed a joint Attan (local dance). Government officials and tribal elders addressed the event as well.
Afghan Air Force dropped postcards on the participants of the event from the air which further increased to the participants’ enthusiasm and emotions.
Governor Gulab Mangal said Nangarhar had been secured from high level threats posed by the rebels as result of the people and security forces sacrifices.
He said it was the right of armed forces that their sacrifices should be hailed and those mothers should be respected who offered their sons for defence of their land.
Brg. Gen. Mohammad Ali Shujae, deputy commander of the 201st Selab Military Corps, assured that Afghan security forces would sacrifice their lives but not their trenches and would defend the mother land at the cost of their blood.
Police Chief Brig. Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi said the enemy was trying to hatch different kind of conspiracies to further deepen distance between security forces and the people.
Similar event was orgnaised in Kandahar, in which security forces, government official and youth took part.
Gen. Imam Nazar Bahbod, commander of the 205th Atal Military Corps, said Afghan security forces had been engaged in the defence of the country with full commitment and bravery.
Governor Zalmai Weesa said security forces showed their bravery and suppressed the enemy properly.
Similar event was held in Lagman province as well. (Pajhwok)