Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Afghan Filmmaker Honored with Alternative Oscar Award

Afghan Filmmaker Honored  with Alternative Oscar Award

KABUL - The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was honored to bestow on Roya Sadat the award for her film portraying the plight of Afghan women.
Afghan Filmmaker Roya Sadat received an alternative Oscar award by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday for her outstanding film ‘A Letter to the President’.
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on its twitter page:” DutchMFA is honored to award Roya an alternative Oscar for her outstanding film.”
The award was given to Sadat at a ceremony hosted by the Dutch State Department and the United Nations Security Council.
The ministry said that she’s the first post-Taliban Afghan female director and first woman whose film was selected as Afghan entry for the Oscars.
The 90 minute, full length movie took two years to complete.
The movie is about the miseries suffered by women in Afghanistan as well as about discrimination and violence against women in the country.
“This film has a lot to say. Social contradictions, challenges and differences have been portrayed in this film through a family life,” Sadat said. “This is the first ever long film which all its crew are from Afghanistan. All its activities were done in the country, except one or two technical things which were not available here,” Sadat said.
Starring LeenaAlam, the move is written by Aziz Deldaar, produced by Roya Film House and co-produced by Kaboora Production. (Tolo news)