Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Afghan, Pak Ulema to Attend West Java Peace Event

Afghan, Pak Ulema  to Attend West Java Peace Event

KABUL - Afghan and Pakistani religious scholars will attend a peace conference in West Java later this month, says Indonesian Vice-President JusufKalla.
Organised by the Indonesian government, the meeting of ulema is aimed to find a solution to the decades-long conflict in Afghanistan, according to the Jakarta Globe.
Kalla, who attended the Kabul Peace Process last week, was quoted as saying: "We hope the conference will result in a mutual agreement, or fatwa, to bring peace to Afghanistan."
Accompanied by Foreign Minister RetnoMarsudi, the VP met members of the Indonesian Ulema Council (to discuss preparations for the event, slated for March 15-19.
The situation in Afghanistan is becoming more conducive, with the Taliban showing their readiness to participate in the process of democratisation, he said.
MuhyiddinJunaidi, an ulema council official, said Afghanistan viewed Indonesia as a neutral actor. Dates for the meeting could be changed to let ulema representing the Taliban attend the meeting. (Pajhwok)