Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, March 25th, 2019

Ghani Defends His Peace Offer, Vows Water Management

Ghani Defends His Peace  Offer, Vows Water Management

KABUL - President Ashraf Ghanion Wednesday insisted on continuation of efforts to revive the peace talks but in the same breath described strengthening the security forces as the only option to achieve durable peace and stability.
Addressing the Parliament’s inaugural session after the winter recess, Ghani said the outcome of the four-year security plan would be seen in the upcoming solar year. The plan, he said, would make Afghanistan self-sufficient in security and defense sector.
Ghani stressed water management and resources and said: “Our water is our honor and we will protect our honor. On the day one of Nawroz festival, more details would be disclosed regarding the water strategy.”
The president said a positive regional political strategy was amendatory for common wellbeing and said Afghanistan was close to the target of becoming the area of regional cooperation.
The president hailed ulema’s role in the rule of law and development and said they always raised their voice in support of the government and security forces.
While thanking the ulema, the president said: “It is a time of immense happiness and joy that our ulema know mega economic projects are helpful in bringing peace and they support them.”
Ghani stressed over impartialness of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and added: “To ensure the independent status of the election bodies, I, Dr. Abdullah and Sarwar Danish have never expressed views regarding the commission’s functioning and other affairs.”
The president termed peace a dire demand of the people and added only a handful of individuals in the country doubted the peace process and felt uneasy regarding peace.
“We will not retreat from the path we have chosen for peace and stability and want to tell the Taliban that the welfare of Islam and Afghanistan is in peace talks so that the issue of bloodshed could be resolved,” said the president.
The president said Afghanistan currently earned $2.5 billion revenue which needed to be surged to at least $8 billion in order to get economic self-sufficiency.
Ghani said Afghanistan’s economic condition could improve its water resources were properly managed.
The country’s geographical location through which China could be connected with Iran and the energy corridor could connect Central Asia and South Asia, said the president. “By enhancing the connectivity resource, Afghanistan could become economically independent.”
The president pledged to bring drastic reforms in education and higher education sectors of the country. (Pajhwok)