Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, March 25th, 2019

Girl, 16, Used as Sex Slave for Sin Her Stepfather Committed

Girl, 16, Used as Sex Slave for Sin Her  Stepfather Committed

KABUL - She was 12 years old when her step-father raped her and was married to a man when she was 16 and her husband has been treating her not as a wife but as a slave after knowing about the rape.
Shazia (not real name), is a resident of capital Kabul. She told Pajhwok Afghan News that she was in her mother’s womb when her father was killed by the Taliban, an incident that destroyed the family.
“My mother says I was a little girl when they were expelled by my paternal family and obligated to go to my maternal family. We had no good life with my maternal family because my grandfather was a clobber and a very poor man,” she said.
“My mother could not tolerate that situation and decided to marry another man who was her colleague in the past. He already had a wife. My mother also took me to my stepfather’s home when I was three years old,” Shazia added.
“I started a new life with my stepmother, sisters and brothers, but we had no good life and we spent years full of problems,” she said.
“I was 12 when the bitter incident happened. That day I was alone in our home and busy in the kitchen, my stepfather came in and suddenly gripped me from behind. I was shocked and tried to shout but he put his hand on my mouth and then raped me.”
As she swallowed down a lump in her throat, she said: “I wish I was covered in a shroud and buried in grave instead of wearing the wedding dress. Now I feel like I am buried alive.”
Nafas Gul (not real name), 50, the mother of Shazai, who went to Logar province to visit her daughter, said after the death of her spouse, she married a man who had three daughters and two sons from his first wife.
Gul, who apparently looked perturbed and wretched, said she accepted her second marriage due to suffering from poverty and her colleague’s emphasis.
About her and her daughter’s lives after marrying her colleague (Gul Mohammad), NafasGul said, “We had a hard life, I wanted to send my daughter to school but my husband did not allow this. He would say education is unnecessary for girls because they get married.”
She sighed sadly and said: “My husband threatened me and my daughter with elimination if anyone got aware of his sexual assault on Shazia.”
Gul, an uneducated woman, said she heard a few days back about her daughter’s situation but she could not share it with anyone or with the government because she did not know about legal cases.
“It was four years ago when a man from Mohammad Agha district of Logar province requested my daughter’s engagement to his son. I did not agree because his son was jobless, but my husband emphasized I had no option but to accept the proposal,” she said.