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Only 7pc of Logar Girls Graduate from High School Each Year

Only 7pc of Logar  Girls Graduate from High School Each Year

KABUL - A heated argument broke out in parliament after Humayoun Humayoun was elected as first deputy speaker.
Just hours after being elected as first deputy speaker of Afghanistan’s Wolesi Jirga (lower house of parliament) Humayoun Humayoun on Sunday warned government against meddling in parliamentary affairs.
Humayoun and Nazeer Ahmad Ahmadzai were the two nominees.
This comes just days after Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani officially opened parliament’s 8th working year after MPs broke for a 45 day winter recess.
“The entire government mechanism was mobilized against me and the honorable lawmakers are fully aware of that; it is shameful for you (government) that a single person defeats you,” said Humayoun after securing the votes.
“Mr. Humayoun Humayoun secures 110 votes and secures the post of first deputy speaker of parliament,” said house speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi after the vote counting process ended.
But Humayoun’s rival candidate Ahmadzai, after losing vote, came out in support of government and warned that he will not allow anyone to speak out against President Ashraf Ghani.
“My tongue is now speaking, now I will sit there and see how someone dares to take the name of the president like that,” said Ahmadzai.
But some other MPs said that lawmakers should instead focus on issues of national interest rather than provoke disputes.
“We must try to work for national unity, stability, peace, rule of law and legalizing the future systems in Afghanistan to address the challenges we face,” said MP Mirdad Nejrabi.
There were meanwhile reports that security guards from the two rivals engaged in an armed confrontation within parliament premises following the argument between the two parliament members.
Based on the constitution, the tenure of the House of Representatives ended on June 22, 2015, and parliamentary elections should have been held within sixty days after the completion of the term.(Tolo news)