Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Jihadi Leaders, Politicians Back Dialogue with Pakistan

Jihadi Leaders, Politicians  Back Dialogue with Pakistan

KABUL - Some jihadi figures and political leaders have supported the launch of negotiations with Pakistan, the Presidential Palace said on Monday.
As part of consultative meetings, the president received some jihadi and political leaders at his office on Sunday evening, a statement from the Palace said.
Ghani held detailed discussions with his interlocutors on the peace process and state-to-state relations with Pakistan. He said his government had full internal and external support on the issue and provided the required conditions for peace talks.
The jihadi and political leaders expressed their views on the peace process and relations with Pakistan, calling the engagement beneficial for the people.
They stressed the need for the continuation of consultative meetings, as well as development of national consensus on national and international issues.
“I believe in consultations and would continue holding such meetings with political parties, parliamentarians, civil society, media professionals, women and people from different walks of life,” Ghani said.
The president often desires direct talks with Pakistan on overcoming mistrust. The Pakistani prime minister’s recent visit was part of this strategy.(Pajhwok)