Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Dozens of Faryab Women Registered to Vote En Masse

Dozens of Faryab  Women Registered to Vote En Masse

MAIMANA - Encouraged by a potential Wolesi Jirga candidate, about 100 women walked for a kilometer towards a voter registration center and got registered en masse in this capital city of northwestern Faryab province.
The march, the first of its kind in Maimana, the provincial capital, was organized on Friday by a would-be candidate to encourage people to get registered as voters ahead of Oct 20 parliamentary and district council elections.
The move drew applause from the Independent Election Commission (IEC) office in Faryab. The office said the march came amid concerns about the lack of voter awareness campaign for registration.
Faryab IEC head Mohammad Aman Aman welcomed the women’s march aimed at encouraging people to register to vote.
He said the voter registration process in Maimana City had been lukewarm so as so far less than 7,500 people had registered as voters.
The women who marched chanted slogans “Faryab brave women are actively involved in defending their rights, they are registering for elections to make their destiny.”
Maryam, one of the participating women, said she participated in the march to tell people to vote for candidates who had the ability to address their problems. (Pajhwok)