Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Insurgents Enter Kabul in Black-Tinted Cars: Barmak

Insurgents Enter Kabul in  Black-Tinted Cars: Barmak

AKBUL - Security officials summoned by senators over vulnerability while Barmak says insurgents arrive in Kabul driving black-tinted cars.
The Meshrano Jirga (the Upper House of Parliament) on Sunday summoned security officials, including interior minister Wais Ahmad Barmak and head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), over the increased lack of security and Daesh militants’ activities in the country.
Senators called on the security officials regarding recent insecurity and suicide attacks in the country as well.
“Currently, teachers', children and students’ lives are not safe,” Mohammad HashimAlokozay, senate defense commission head said.
NDS chief did not appear before the senators and instead sent his operational deputy to the session.
Interior minister Barmak said a number of insurgents entered Kabul city in cars with black glass (windows). He added that interior ministry halted the black-tinted cars, but a number of members of parliament and senate tried to overrule police and release the cars from them.
Barmak also said more than 30,000 Afghan police are illiterate and over 30,000 others have joined the Afghan National Army.
“When the interior ministry stopped four or five vehicles (black-tinted cars), a number of people in the senate or parliament came to us to ask for the vehicles to be released. I do not want to name those individuals. So, what can I do?” asked Barmak.
Barmak continued and said the region’s countries continue their proxy war in Afghanistan and also Pakistan, and want to provoke people against the government by increasing instability.
“They (enemy) want to sabotage government by the people and think that when one or two attacks happen, then people get angry with government and automatically go to the enemy,” Barmak added. 
Senators, however, blasted security departments over the increased insecurity and movements of insurgents in the country.
They said security officials’ negligence has caused Afghan soldiers to suffer heavy losses, and civilians to suffer heavy fatalities in suicide attacks in the country, especially in Kabul.
NDS operational deputy head, however, refused to respond to senators in front of cameras about the increase of Daesh activities and their attacks in Kabul. (Tolo news)