Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 27th, 2019

Concerns Rise as Business Owners Cancel Trading Licenses

Concerns Rise as Business  Owners Cancel Trading Licenses

KABUL - Commerce and industries ministry said in the last month up to two business licenses were being canceled in Kabul a day.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) on Sunday raised concerns over the number of business licenses being cancelled and the reluctance of business owners to investment in the country.
MoCI spokesman Musafir Quqandi said in the past month, 300 new licenses were issued in Kabul, 250 licenses were renewed but 50 licenses were canceled.
At the beginning of this year, government exempted 95 percent of businesses for unpaid taxes and dropped the cost of a business license from 30,000 AFs to only 100 AFs in a bid to help the private sector. 
“In some provinces, one or two licenses are being canceled every day. But in the meantime, license renewals and new licenses have increased,” said Quqandi.
Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) and a number of traders meanwhile said business owners are canceling their licenses because of financial problems. 
“We should accept that there are lots of problems, there is corruption which is also a reason for people cancelling their licenses. Even licenses issued 30 years ago are being cancelled,” ACCI deputy head Khan Jan Alokozay said.
“Companies are not being supported and our problems have increased, especially the economic problems and we have to cancel our licenses,” one business owner, NavidAzizi said.
Meanwhile a number of people who want to apply for a business license called on government to fulfill its commitments and address problems facing the private sector.
“There are lots of problems, but if government fulfill its commitments, investment opportunities will increase,” Shir Mohammad Jahish, an investor said.
This comes after Herat officials said as many as five business licenses are being cancelled in Herat on a daily basis. (Tolo news)