Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 27th, 2019

South Asia Strategy is for Cooperation, Not Confrontation

South Asia Strategy is for  Cooperation, Not Confrontation

KABUL - Interior Ministry’s spokesman says the attackers left behind a large amount of ammunition and 50 hand grenades after the attack.
The Ministry of Interior claims that their investigations show that Haqqani network was the main organizer of the attack on the new building of the security agency this week and that it claimed it under the name of Daesh.
The ministry admits that the militants got through a few security check points with ammunition and weapons as many, including about 50 hand grenades, were found in the area after the attack.
One of the main doors of the ministry was only 50 meters away from where the attackers were gunned down by government forces, the ministry said.
“The attack was organized, planned and implemented by Haqqani network and has been done under the name of Daesh. We have made some progress, but our investigation is not over yet. We are awaiting the finalization of our investigation and we will share it with you for sure,” said Najib Danish, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior.
On Thursday, Kabul Police Chief Gen. Mohammad Daud Amin said footage obtained by security cameras shows that the attackers were driving two armored SUV vehicles that came from Sarai Shamali area in the north of Kabul – just 10 kilometers from the ministry’s building.
The vehicles, the police chief said, were not searched on their way to the ministry.
“The interior minister discussed the issue of plate numbers for all armored vehicles the day when he came to parliament for a vote of confidence. Two years have passed, but the ministry has not been able to issue the plates. What can we expect from the ministry?” asked Hashim Mahdawi, an MP.
“All the chairpersons in the Ministry of Interior have tinted window vehicles. But they take a stance against MPs and claim that terrorists are being transferred in their cars,” said Ghulam Husain Naseri, an MP.
The attack happened on Wednesday at midday when a group of militants tried to enter the new building of the ministry of interior.
The attack ended two hours later after three attackers detonated their explosives and seven others were gunned down by government forces.
At least one police force member was killed and six others were wounded in the attack, Interior Ministry said. (Tolo news)