Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 27th, 2019

Kalimzai Vows Positive Change in Ghazni Situation

Kalimzai Vows Positive  Change in Ghazni Situation

GHAZNI CITY - Calling the current security situation in southern Ghazni province as unacceptable, the newly appointed governor on Thursday promised measures to bring about change.
Addressing his introductory gathering here, Waheedullah Kalilmzai said the central government wanted positive changes in Ghazni’s security situation.
The governor said positive changes would soon be visible in the security situation in Ghazni city and districts. However, he did not go into details.
The former governor of eastern Kunar province said the central government wanted change in Ghazni situation and his efforts would evolve around that.
Kalimzai said he would not accept personal demands of anyone and would not come under influence.
“I am appointed here based on the president orders. If I work for two days, I would do it good.”
However, residents said changing officials would not help improve the situation in Ghazni.
Naqibullah, one of the residents, said the situation in Ghazni had lately deteriorated. “Every day there are blasts, killings, security posts are captured, this has worried people. The authorites should find solution to these issues by devising effective plans.” (Pajhowk)