Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 25th, 2020

Peace Activists to Visit Taliban-Controlled Areas

Peace Activists to Visit  Taliban-Controlled Areas

KABUL - A group of People’s Peace Movement activists will be assigned to travel to Taliban-controlled areas and hold talks with the group, leaders of the movement said Saturday.
The remarks came as peace activists continued their sit-in protest outside the Russian embassy in Kabul.
Members of the movement said the Afghan government has accepted their demands and that they will now take their peace demand to the Taliban.
“We have formed a committee comprised of elders and religious scholars. The assignment of the committee is to travel to Taliban-controlled areas and talk to them,” the head of the movement Mohammad Iqbal Khyber told TOLOnews on Saturday.
Among the activists was Mohammad Azim, 85, who tore his collar during an interview with a TOLOnews reporter. This was to demonstrate how tired they are of war and how important it is that peace is established in Afghanistan.
One of his three sons is a Taliban fighter, he said.
“Those who do not accept peace and reconciliation are infidels. I don’t fear anyone. I fear from Almighty Allah who has created the earth and the sky,” Azim said.
The People’s Peace Movement, previously known as Helmand Peace Convoy, are waiting for warring parties to respond to their demands lodged 20 days ago.
The group has sent letters to the UN secretary general’s office and to the American people. This letter was sent while they staged a sit-in protest outside the US embassy in Kabul this week.
“Peace is a key goal for us. We will definitely achieve this goal,” said AminullahWardak, a member of People’s Peace Movement.
Their next destination for a sit-in protest is the Pakistani embassy, Khyber said. (Tolo news)