Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, February 15th, 2019

Barmak Rejects Claims that Khwaja Ghar Has Fallen to Taliban

Barmak Rejects Claims that  Khwaja Ghar Has Fallen to Taliban

KABUL - The Taliban stormed the district on Friday night but security officials said the area is still under government control.
Minister of Interior WaisAhamdBarmak has rejected claims that KhwajaGhar district of Takhar province fell to the Taliban late Friday.
Speaking at a ceremony for the introduction of new commanders for the country’s airports Barmak said that all government facilities in the district are under the control of government forces and that the district did not fall to the Taliban.
“Our police and NDS forces are defending KhwajaGhar district very bravely and all government facilities are under police control, said Barmak.
“Some people in the media are saying the district has fallen and the minister is lying, we must not fall for the enemy’s war propaganda,” Barmak added.
This comes after a group of Taliban militants attacked government buildings in KhwajaGhar district in Takhar on Friday evening.
Taliban launched the attack on the district from Dash-e-Archi district in Kunduz province, which shares a border with Takhar, a local official said. 
Takhar governor’s spokesman Sunatullah Timor said Taliban stormed KhwajaGhar district just before 8pm local time.
On Friday night he appealed for reinforcement troops.
Some sources said however the district has fallen to the militants.
The sources said the lack of reinforcements was a key reason behind the fall of the district to the Taliban.
However, the Interior Ministry’s spokesman Najib Danish also rejected the claims and said KhwajaGhar district has not fallen to the Taliban and that reinforcement troops are on their way to Takhar. (Tolo news)