Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 24th, 2019

World Access to Information Day Marked in Kabul

World Access to Information  Day Marked in Kabul

KABUL - Afghanistan law on access to information scored 139 to be ranked first worldwide.
The country’s second vice president, in the ceremony attended by a number of media activists, civil society and in charges and representatives from government and international institutions, spokespersons of the state administration, congratulated the world access to information day to the country’s entire media activists, and supporters of freedom of expression, journalists and particularly to the freedom-loving people and journalists society of Afghanistan, the statement said.
Danesh called managing the free cycle of information, the main responsibility of the government and added that without it, this was impossible to access freedom of expression.
“With all challenges and defections ahead, today, on behalf of the leadership of the national unity government, I assure the entire people of Afghanistan, particularly the media and civil society of Afghanistan to use all my power and possibilities in implementation of the law on access to information,” the vice-president added.
Pointing to access to information as the main part of the human rights of the individuals, Danesh said articles related to freedom of expression (articles 24, 34 and 50) were the constitution golden articles.
According to him, the government’s stance on freedom of expression, are praiseworthy.

Some of other participants spoke in the meeting discussing access to information as the main rights of the country’s citizens. (BNA)