Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, March 25th, 2019

Ghani Renews Call on Taliban to Join Intra- Afghan Dialogue

Ghani Renews Call  on Taliban to Join Intra- Afghan Dialogue

SHARANA - President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday once again called on the Taliban militants to enter an intra-Afghan dialogue because the Kabul administration would not surrender leadership of the peace process to outsiders.
The president made these remarks during his meeting with tribal elders and religious leaders in this capital city of southeastern Paktika province. Ghani arrived in Sharana in the morning to inaugurate a newly constructed building for the provincial governor’s house.
The elders, who met with the president, demanded an end to deforestation, enhanced security on highways, prevention of interference in the results of the recently held Wolesi Jirga elections and repair of roads and dams in Paktika.
They also urged the president to implement the Urgun master plan, recruit the youth in government departments, pay attention to religious scholars and upgrade Paktika to second grade province.
President said Paktika was not a region of conflict, insecurities and disunity, but it was the place of unity, cohesion and honor.
Ghani asked elders of Paktika to encourage their youth to join the Afghan security and defense forces. The president said reopening roads in the province was his government’s priority, but in this regard the role of people was crucial.
The president said the ground for peace had been paved politically and the Islamic world and the region was ready for peace.
Ghani said Afghanistan wanted peace with Pakistan and the neighboring country should realize that a stable Afghanistan was in their interest.
“The Taliban should be ready for intra-Afghan dialogue because we will not let others the authority of peace.”
About the Wolesi Jirga elections, the president remarked the people’s participation in the polls was commendable.
Later, the president also met with provincial security officials and said security forces who played an effective role in maintaining security should be appreciated.
He also asked the security organs to come up with plans on brigade and battalion levels in order to use the force effectively.
Ghani said the Afghan National Army’s 203 Thunder Military Corps should have a comprehensive plan on the zone level.
Later, the president met with Paktika provincial council members who urged the Afghan leader to upgrade Paktika from grade three to grade two province.
The public representatives also demanded reforms in the provincial education department, dispatch of an army battalion to Waza Khwa district, addition of more faculties to the provincial higher education institute and repair of roads to districts.
The president said security of Paktika districts, particularly those near the Durand Line, was being improved.
He said Paktika, Paktia and Ghazni provinces were connected from security perspective and it was being debated to enhance security for this region.
Ghani said construction of 6000 buildings for schools had been launched and it would resolve the lack of school buildings in Paktika.
He also promised to add another faculty to the higher education institute and upgrade Paktika to a second grade province. (Pajhwok)