Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Ghani Dispatches Delegation to Probe Recent Clashes in Uruzgan

Ghani Dispatches  Delegation to Probe Recent Clashes in Uruzgan

KABUL - the battle in Urozgan as “ethnic war”, the government has dispatched the delegation to probe and ease the recent clashes in the province in which dozens of civilians have been reportedly killed and hundreds of families have been displaced.
The delegation – comprised of presidential advisors on religious and social affairs as well as representatives from the security institutions – has been asked to investigate the incident in the district and share the findings with a “specific” plan to the president’s office.
This comes as the Taliban recently attacked Hussaini and Kondalan areas in Khas Uruzgan district. The militant group claimed that they are fighting against the loyalists of Abdul Hakim Shujaee, a local commander in the district.
Reports suggest, about 50 civilians have been killed or wounded and 400 families have been displaced, following the Taliban attack on the district. 
Days earlier, Second Vice President Sarwar Danish criticized security institutions for being unaware of the Taliban attack in Khas Uruzgan district. He said the security forces should provide urgent support to the residents of the district. (ATN)