Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 26th, 2019

12-Member Govt Team Not Capable of Holding Talks with Taliban: MPs

12-Member Govt Team  Not Capable of Holding Talks with Taliban: MPs

KABUL - Some Wolesi Jirga members on Saturday raised questions over the 12-member government’s team for talks with the Taliban and asked reconsidering the list.
President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday said a roadmap for peace in his war-torn country has been formulated and a 12-member negotiating team created for talks with the Taliban.
Headed by President Chief of Staff Abdul Salam Rahimi, the 12-member government delegation includes three women.
Other members of the delegation are Acting Education Minister Mirwais Balkhi, Acting Minister of Information and Cultural Affairs Haseena Safi, Deputy Higher Education Minister Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Deputy Refugee and Repatriation Minister Dr. Alema, Deputy NDS Director Gen. Ebadullah Ebad, Wolesi Jirga Member Shahgul Rezaee, Ulema Council Head Attaullah Lodin, Paktia Govenror Shamim Katawazai, Supreme Court Member Dr. Abdullah Attai, Foreign Ministry Cultural Affairs head Toryali Ghiasi and Abdul Hakeem Munib, deputy minister for Hajj and Religious Affairs.
Nafeesa Azemi, a lawmaker from Ghazni province, said the selected government delegation lacked the capacity to negotiate peace with the Taliban and the president should reconsider the team.
Jafar Mahdavi, a lawmaker from Kabul province, said: “Ninety percent members of the government delegation lacked experience and did not hold social ground. If the government really wants peace they should pay serious attention to the formation of its team and induct qualified persons who have the capacity to conduct peace talks with the Taliban.”
He added the government launched the process for its own survival and it had no intention for talks with the Taliban.
He said wasting time caused loss of more Afghans and the two sides needed to put peace talks in priority in order to stop the bloodshed and establish peace in the country.
Amir Khan Yar, second deputy speaker, who chaired the meeting termed peace essential and asked the people to unite for peace in order to make it happen.
He asked the government to set peace as its priority because the people had tired of war and could not see their beloved ones to die anymore. (Pajhwok)