Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Concerns of all Afghans Considered in Peace Roadmap :Vice President Sarwar Danish

Concerns of all Afghans  Considered in Peace Roadmap :Vice President Sarwar Danish

KABUL - Second vice-president Sarwar Danish Tuesday said all worries about human rights achievements in Afghanistan had been considered in formulation of the roadmap for peace talks with the Taliban.
Danish was addressing a gathering in Kabul marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Danish said Afghanistan had always tried to protect human rights since the country voted in favor of the UN declaration.
“Afghanistan has been witnessing some problems regarding human rights which are the outcome of imposed wars and interferences of foreign powers,” he said.
“There is still no strong mechanism on international level to prevent human rights violations committed by states,” he said.
Danish termed awareness about human rights in Afghanistan and support to children, women and people with disabilities as achievements of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and said human rights were still new in Afghanistan where serious human rights abuses still persisted.
The VP said killing civilians, violence against women, deprivation of children of their basic rights and lack of access to justice and courts, sexual assaults, kidnappings, women harassment still happened in Afghanistan.
Danish the framework of the peace negotiations prepared by the government, particularly by the president, was a comprehensive plan that considered the worries of all Afghans.
He said the plan stressed constitutions should be acceptable to all Afghans and if amendments to the constitution were required, they should be according to the framework mentioned in the Constitution.
The Afghan nation and the government welcomed peace talks and offered no preconditions in this regard, he said.
However, he said: “There are still questions with people that whether the Taliban would continue their tyranny as they did in the past, could the Taliban respond to the heirs of civilians killed by this group? Taliban killed many tribal elders, would they change their behavior? And some more questions.”
He added that the Taliban should respond to many questions raised by the masses. (Pajhwok)