Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 17th, 2019

Interior Ministry Issues New Directives for Police

Interior Ministry Issues  New Directives for Police

KABUL - The ministry has assigned its department of media and general directorates of intelligence and investigation to ensure that the new guideline is implemented.
Acting Minister of Interior Affairs Amrullah Saleh on Thursday issued a 12-item new security guideline to the personnel of Afghan National Police (ANP) which is aimed at protecting classified information pertaining to the ANP’s administrative, operation and strategic levels.
Based on the new guideline, no member of the Afghan Ministry of Interior is allowed to publish the following items through audio-visual, print and social media platforms.
•    Orders and decrees of the responsible authorities regarding the appointment, alteration, promotion and other personal matters and applications.
•    Secrets, information, mission routes and nature of the operations and rest of the issues related to the movements of the national police force members.
•    Nature of inspection, investigation of criminal cases, achievements and other issues related to anti-crime operations.
•    Criticisms from the leadership and the incumbent superior officers and those discharged.
•    Participation in media discussions and the use of the information which the personnel has currently or had access to in the past.
•    Expressing views on the potential crisis in various levels.
•    Pictures of the vehicles, weapons and equipment.
•    Pictures or videos of officers, bases, check points and ANP installations.
•    Individual or group pictures in national police uniforms.
•    Sharing congratulatory and gift receiving events and ceremonies.
•    Personnel of the Ministry of Interior can only voluntarily share directives, orders, guidelines, statements and messages of the ministry through their social media platforms.
•    Personnel of ministry of interior may convey their applications, recommendations and their problems through the specific and predicted channels to their officers and after the proliferation of the order, the entire officials of the Ministry of Interior Affairs are obliged to abide by it and in case they violate or refuse the mentioned items, they will be fired from their posts.
The MoI has tasked the ministry’s department of media and general directorates of intelligence and investigation to ensure that the new guideline is implemented and report back to the ministry regarding the implementation of the process.
The new guideline will be implemented on all regions of the country.
This new development takes place a day after President Ashraf Ghani officially introduced Amrullah Saleh, as Acting Minister Interior Affairs and Assadullah Khalid as Acting Minister of Defense – two stanch anti-Taliban and anti-Pakistan veterans.
President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday said that Afghanistan is at a critical stage of the war and that now is the time that the Afghan security forces will come up with more strength and decisiveness on the battlefields.
Both veterans meanwhile pledged to use all their potentials for the service of the country and the Afghan people.
“I wish that the day I leave this post, the people attribute me with two qualities, and say that he was a sincere servant and a brutal minister against criminals and the enemies of the country,” said Saleh.
Reforms in the ranks of Afghan national police has been constantly described as a need by the military experts to help police deal with the security situations with more professionalism and strength in the view of the current security climate of the nation.
Back in February, the Ministry of Interior unveiled its four-year strategic plan designed to boost reforms in the ministry and within the structures of the Afghan National Police.
Key measures in the plan include the fight against corruption, the need for professional training of Afghan police forces and systematic reforms in certain sectors.
The new plan was expected to be rolled out from Kabul and Herat provinces and within four years, the plan will be extended to all provinces across Afghanistan. (Tolo news)