Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

No Discussion on Peace Process Govt’s Leadership Authority: Saleh

No Discussion on Peace  Process Govt’s Leadership Authority: Saleh

KABUL - Acting Interior Minister Amrullah Saleh has stopped officials and personnel of his ministry from discussion, analysis regarding peace talks with the militants, an official said on Sunday.
Deputy spokesman Nasrat Rahimi wrote on his Facebook page regarding the new order conveyed to the officials of the interior ministry.
“As part of the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s clear and transparent policy of reconciliation and its possible outcomes which may result in the stability of government system in the country, the senior officials of the ministry of interior have been issued the new orders,” he said.
Saleh said discussion on peace process was the authority of the government leadership not armed forces which would have no impact on the policy and goals of the interior ministry.
Saleh also ordered halt to the use of interior ministry’s resources for personal purposes in the form creating cases for personal purposes, personal fame, creating personal grouping, meeting ministers, ambassadors, political leaders and then spreading its visuals or photographs.
It is worth mentioning the new interior minister has issued strict orders since being appointed as minister. (Pajhwok)