Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 17th, 2019

Kandahar Gathering Demands Women’s Consultative Board

Kandahar Gathering Demands  Women’s Consultative Board

KANDAHAR CITY - Participants of a gathering in southern Kandahar province on Monday called for creation of ‘a women consultative board’ which could convey their concerns to the international community.
The gathering in Kandahar City, aimed at seeking women’s consensus on the peace process, was attended by advisors to the First Lady, the deputy governor of Kandahar and other officials.
Dr. Ayesha Noorzai, head of a delegation from Kabul, said similar events had been organised in 29 other provinces of the country and this time it was hosted by Kandahar.
Deputy Governor Abdul Hanan Munib said organizing such events were important to push for greater participation of the Afghan women in the peace process of their country.
He said the Afghan women were the worst sufferers of the decades old conflict. Munib demanded the creation of a Women Consultative Board to convey the voices of women in a clear manner to the international community.
Tens of women spoke at the gathering who stressed that durable peace was essential for bringing stability to the country. (Pajhwok)