Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 25th, 2020

Atmar Chooses Qanoni, Muhaqqiq as Running Mates

Atmar Chooses Qanoni,  Muhaqqiq as Running Mates

KABUL - Intending presidential candidate Hanif Atmar has tipped Younas Qanoni as his first running mate and Mohammad Muhaqqiq as second in the July 20 presidential election.
A source close to Atmar’s electoral team told Pajhwok Afghan News they had obtained presidential election packages from the election commission and nominations would be submitted soon.
The source said Qanoni and Muhaqqiq had agreed with Atmar to contest the presidential election as vice presidential candidates.
However, he said any change in this regard would be decided by the leadership.
A spokesman for Atmar electoral team, Tawab Ghorzang said he could not confirm or deny the development but talks with Qanoni and Muhaqqiq were underway.
“Very soon, we are going to submit nominations with a strong team,” he said.
However, a day earlier there were rumors on social media that Muhaqqiq would contest the presidential election as Gulbadin Hekmayar’s first vice presidential candidate.
But today (Thursday), Muhaqqiq’s party Wihdat Islami office rejected the rumors in a statement, which added no decision had been made in this regard.
The statement said Muhaqqiq would join an electoral ticket of his choice within few days. The statement did not say if Muhaqqiq has joined Atmar’s camp.

Latif Padram was the first presidential candidate who submitted his nomination papers with the election commission on Thursday. (Pajhwok)