Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Sources of Trump’s Trumped-up History Lessons May be Probed

Sources of Trump’s Trumped-up  History Lessons May be Probed

KABUL - The Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) may look into sources of made-up history lessons that President Donald Trump has received on the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.
Trump defended the Soviet aggression, saying the move was aimed at preventing terrorists from entering the former superpower from Afghanistan.
In televised comments after a cabinet meeting, the American leader asserted the Soviets invaded Afghanistan to battle terrorists -- a position that the United States has never owned.
“Trump gave his own version of why the USSR collapsed. And to be clear, it is his own version,” commented the Washington Post, which said the overlap between the fall of the Soviet Union and its foray into Afghanistan was obvious.
“But correlation is not causation. And Trump — who was using that anecdote to argue that the United States should pull out of Afghanistan and Syria — is really straining for causation here.”
Trump’s bizarre rant has been widely lampooned by American journalists and historians. On Friday, Trump’s retelling of history was brought up by a US journalist with two experts, former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi and Gen. Barry McCaffrey (R).
McCaffrey called the presidential astonishing.“It sounds as if the talking points are written by the GRU… This is a truly astonishing, ignorant statement by the president.”
American counterintelligence networks would like to know where Trump got his warped notions about the subject, Figliuzzi said, adding:  “The counterintelligence side is going to take a look at why our president is siding with a communist regime...”
“There’s another option, the president has deliberately chosen to regurgitate the Putin line, the Russian line on this, because he somehow needs to paint Russia in the most favorable light?” (Pajwhok)