Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Ghani signs guidelines, maps of urban design framework

Ghani signs guidelines,  maps of urban design framework

KABUL - President Ashraf Ghani, signing guidelines and maps of the urban design framework, on Sunday stressed on the use of domestic materials in construction works.
A statement from the Presidential Palace to Pajhwok Afghan News said the president chaired a meeting of the High Urban Development Council in the Chahar Chinar Palace Sunday morning.
Acting Urban Development and Land Minister Mohammad Jawad Paikar presented a report to the meeting about the adaptive plan for The source stated that at the meeting, at first, the head of the Ministry of Urban and Land Affairs, Mohammad Jawad Paikar, presented a report on the adaptive planning for the integration of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing and the former Land Office with a focus on developing a modest view or road map.
Paikar also provided information about the history of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, the former Land Authority Department, Analysis Framework and rules of merger, limits and solutions, analysis of potential risks and schedule for the adaptive planning of the merger and provided suggestions for better implementation of the process.
After listening to Paikar, President Ashraf Ghani stressed over specific architectural style and said projects of Urban Development and Land should be better managed.
He stressed that domestic materials should be used in construction of buildings in order to help create jobs for more people and improve the country’s economy.
Ghani said seismic code for buildings should be considered during their constructions The president said the government was a partner of the private sector and problems facing the sector in investment in government real estate should be addressed and a design center should be opened in the Ministry of Urban Development and Land.

At conclusion of the meeting, the president signed guidelines and urban design framework and then handed it over to the acting Kabul municipality chief. (Pajhwok)