Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Civilians’ Casualties Decline as Efforts for Peace Underway: CPAG

Civilians’ Casualties Decline as  Efforts for Peace Underway: CPAG

KABUL - There has been significant decline in the number of civilians killed last month as efforts for reconciliation and peace continues, a statement from the Civilian Protection Advocacy Group (CPAG) said on Sunday.
CPAG collect civilians’ casualty figures on monthly basis and use the statistics to press conflicting parties to end harming civilians and avoid using villages and residential areas as battle fields.
Civilians suffered casualties in 17 provinces of the country in February while there was no harm to common people in the rest of 17 provinces, the statement said. Afghanistan’s total provinces are 34.
At least 106 civilians were killed 59 others wounded during last month, the group informed.
Based on CPAG findings most of the casualties occurred in Afghan and foreign airstrikes.
The CPAG while expressing happiness on the decline in civilian casualties and once again calls upon all warring parties, Taliban, foreign forces and government, to avoid civilian’s casualties and they should assure the Afghan nation of not victimizing them during conflict. (Pajhwok)